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Wayne Mitchell – Pretoria, South Africa




The Atlas is probably the most valuable and versatile tool for star gazers in the southern hemisphere. It is designed for South African star gazing in particular.

All levels of astronomy enthusiasts will benefit appreciably from this innovative and exciting edition. Beginners may now, with ease, gaze up at the starry heavens, find the constellations, and experienced observers may use their telescopes to its full potential. Never before has star gazing been easier!


Star Atlases are generally complicated and awkward to use and, at times, an enthusiastic beginner would be left feeling somewhat despondent. But, the carefully designed and revolutionary features included in the Deep Space Atlas, have been implemented with both the beginner and experienced star gazer in mind.


As a beginner, you may be interested in knowing more about the stars, but are not sure how and where to start. The “Where do I Start” section and the “Sky Tour” exercise, will guide you step by step, from the time you step outside, to locating and observing a remarkable celestial object such as a star cluster, gaseous nebula or double star. The Atlas is also an invaluable tool for more experienced observers in possession of a pair of binoculars, or a small or large telescope, who wish to look for visually challenging objects such as galaxies.


The Atlas focuses on the visual aspect of astronomy, hence the subtitle “Outdoor Viewing”. It guides you, the observer, to find and observe a myriad of spectacular celestial objects other than just looking at pictures of these objects in a text book. Added information such as distances, and velocities at which these celestial objects travel through space, as well as the Author’s Notes, are included to make your observations more inspiring. Viewing the hundreds of objects included in the Atlas would take several years, ensuring you many hours of observing pleasure. Explanations of the Milky Way and meteors (shooting stars) are also included.


Dew resistant and wire bound pages, white stars on a black background, finder circles, southern hemisphere star maps, direction pointers, horizon lines and an abundance of celestial objects to observe, are just some of the features which places the Atlas in a class of its own, one that has revolutionized recreational astronomy!


Wayne Mitchell offers on-line support to users of the Atlas which is accessible via a website.

The address to the website is included in the book.


Your Voyage to the Stars is About to Begin…


Wayne Mitchell,


Member of the Pretoria Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

Email:     Cell: 072 465 7739.

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